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Welcome to my health and well-being website - learner section

This website is an on-line support facility for learners, employers, partners and staff to access any help and guidance with health and well-being.

All initial enquiries will be answered by Emma, our on-line support person each day between 8.45am and 4.45pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 3.30pm on a Friday and then discussed with Christian at least once each week.

This will ensure any issues requiring immediate attention are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Financial advice

Financial worries can have a significant effect on your health and well-being. If you’ve been made redundant or are struggling with debt you can often feel low or anxious although this does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from depression or an anxiety disorder.

Research carried out by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) showed that improving money management skills enhances psychological well-being and life satisfaction, as well as reducing the risk of anxiety and depression.

There are a wide range of resources available to help your financial situation listed below, but if you are an apprentice make sure that you apply for an NUS Apprentice Extra card which provides discounts from a wide range of high street and on-line retailers. Click here to apply.

Help with debt

National Debt line

National Debtline has helped millions of people with their debts. They’ll talk you through options and give clear advice on how to take back control. It also offers free debt advice online through its My Money Steps tool and its web guides, fact sheets and sample letters.


Telephone: 0808 808 4000

StepChange Debt Charity

StepChange helps change the lives of thousands of people every week. Their expert advice is impartial and personalized to each individual situation.


Telephone: 0800 138 1111

Money Saving Expert

Martin Lewis’s free website saves you money on credit cards, shopping, special offers, mortgages and council tax. We particularly like the young adults money saving tips.

For more information click the following link


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